Friday, March 16, 2012

On burgers, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the patty

I enjoy eating burgers, and I enjoy writing. I’m quite surprised how long it took me to finally start a blog about burgers, but here I am. For years now I’ve wanted to take part in the social media world deeper than the walled gardens of the sharing services. I wanted to do something public and dive into the creative and destructive onslaught of the Internet.

Why burgers? That’s a ridiculous question. Have you had one lately? I rest my case. Burgers are culinary behemoths, more of a culinary platform than a particular dish. The evolution of the hamburger is the evolution of interpretive cuisine and, more broadly, rapidly-evolving culture.

That said, I’m not using burgers as cultural symbols (so back off sociology students!); this is literally a blog about burgers. Expect a bevy of burger-related material here, from recipes, combo ideas, restaurant reviews, interviews with local burgerati, travelogues, tips on staying healthy amidst burger binges, etc.

So if I do my job right, you’re going to get pretty hungry reading this blog.

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